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Team Building Games for Fitness Enthusiasts

Team building games are conducted to promote camaraderie in a team as well as improve communication and cooperation in a certain group.

However, team building games can also be used as a form of exercise. In other words, you develop team work in a certain activity but at the same time keep yourself fit. These kinds of activity usually demand a certain level of fitness so only those who are physically fit can participate in these activities. These activities are therefore appealing to fitness enthusiasts including athletes in a certain discipline. Although the same objective is still there and that is to accomplish a certain objective using team work and member collaboration. We now look at some of these team building games designed and customized for fitness enthusiasts.

dragon boat competition

dragon boat competition by

Dragon Boat

In this team building activity, the participants are divided into groups. Each group will then have a facilitator that will serve as the drummer while the participants in the group will serve as the paddlers. The facilitator provides the drum beat that is the basis for synchronization among the paddlers. Without the drummer, the team will be in chaos. Listening therefore is critical for the paddlers because teams will be competing with another group and this will be a race to the finish line. The first dragon boat to reach the finish line will win the game. Since paddling is a very physical task, fitness enthusiasts would surely love this game. Dragon boat however it not only physical, it requires a level of cooperation and coordination between the paddlers that can be achieved only when listening closely to the facilitator. Without synchronization among the paddlers, the boat won’t move at maximum speed.

Mountain climbing

This is a more advanced level of hiking because this will already involve a mountain of higher elevation. This is a good team building activity because even before the actual itself you already develop a level of bonding among the group. From the planning itself, several brainstorming meetings occur already. There is already designation of work amongst navigation, food preparation, information and planning. In the actual climb itself, team work is shown in the distribution of load and sharing of food and water. Teams also help each other out when having difficulty in a certain trail. The group must give everything they have to attain a specific objective and that is to reach the summit and return without injury to a member. The feeling of accomplishing a difficult task is made more enjoyable when sharing it a certain group of people. Since this is another physically-demanding activity this will surely be loved by any fitness enthusiast.


This is another physically demanding activity because three disciplines are involved: running, swimming and biking. Along the way however, the members of the group are asked to perform a certain task in every station. Usually a group consists only of three members; one woman and two men. This is very demanding physically as what the introduction says, not all can participate. To accomplish something together is already a bonding itself. Participants participating in the event use it to maintain a certain level of fitness. There are fewer injuries reported also because of the variation of activities compared to a single long event. Because each event is a test of endurance, participants enjoy cardiovascular exercise and this is what makes it appealing to fitness enthusiasts.


This is another interesting game that fitness enthusiast would love. The objective of this game is to acquire points by catching a flying disc at the opponent’s end zone. This game requires teamwork and agility among the participating members. First, teamwork is needed so a participant will know where to throw the disc so that a team mate can catch it. Agility, footwork and stamina are required to catch to disc in time to score points. The team which has the most points will win the game. The good about Frisbee is that this doesn’t require an advanced level of skill. A simple throw and a simple catch is the basic skill that you need to have to be able to perform and compete against other teams.

ultimate frisbee

ultimate frisbee by math.duke .edu

Mountain Biking

This is another team building activity that anyone can join. The objective of this activity is to bond over a common passion and that is the outdoors specifically biking. Participants are divided into different team and requested to go to a certain bike trail and try to conquer that trail without leaving a person behind and making sure that no one gets injured in the trip. This still requires a level of fitness as participants in each group will still be climbing slopes and uphill trails. If fitness enthusiasts love biking, participating in this team building activity will surely be enjoyable for them because they can bond with other people as well as keep their self healthy and fit.

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