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Team Building Game 10 – Blind Walk


The activity will measure the participant’s trust and sense of responsibility.

Size of Group

Participants will work in pairs.


  • blindfolds
  • whistle
  • chalk or paper marker


Introduction /Anticipatory Set

  1. Have participants come meet on the carpet and assign everyone a partner.
  2. Tell the participants that they have learned a lot about why their senses are important to them, now you want them to experience what it might be like to be without one of their senses. Explain that everyone is going to have a chance to see what it feels like to be blind.
  3. Inform the participants that they will be going on a blind walk. Tell them that you are going to pass out blind folds, one to each set of partners, after you are through giving the directions
  4. Now, tell the participants that one partner will be the guide while the other partner wears the blindfold. It is very important that the guides keep their partners safe. They must tell them when steps are coming and they absolutely cannot allow them to bump into anything.
  5. Explain to the guides that their job is to lead their blind partners outside to the playground, where they will choose three things for their partners to try to identify using their other senses besides their sight. Ask the participants to quickly review what these other senses will be.
  6. Tell the participants that you will blow a whistle after 10 minutes and then the partners should switch jobs so that everyone has the chance to be blind.
  7. Explain that when the participants are blindfolded, you want them to pay close attention to what is going on around them. What kinds of sounds do they hear when they are outside. What do different areas of the playground feel like under their feet.
  8. Ask the partners to decide who will want to be blind first. Distribute the blind folds to the appropriate partner.
Blind walk

The guide and the blind walker by dondibellydancer

Sequence of Instruction

  1. Tell the participants to help each other put on their blindfolds. Then ask the guides to lead their partners carefully to the line. Before leading the participants outside, explain that if they can still see under their blindfold, they should close their eyes, because you really want them to have a chance to see how it feels to be blind.
  2. Allow the participants to lead their partners around on the playground for about 10 minutes. Suggest to them that they take their partners to all different areas, on the grass, on the blacktop, and on the play equipment.
  3. Remind the participants that the guides need to find three things for their blind partner to identify.
  4. After 10 minutes, blow the whistle and ask everyone to switch their blindfolds.
  5. Allow the participants to roam around for 10 more minutes, and then blow the whistle again, signaling all of the guides to lead their partners into line. Tell the participants to leave their blindfolds on until they get back to the classroom.
Group Blind Walk

A variation of the blind walk by o-c-t

Guide Questions for Processing

  1. Group the participants at the carpet once again and collect the blindfolds. Begin a discussion about their blind walk. How did it feel to not be able to see? What kinds of sounds did they notice outside. Could they tell what part of the playground they were on by the way the ground felt under their feet? Were they able to correctly identify the objects their guides gave them? What senses did they use to identify the objects?
  2. Have you been a good guide? In what way?
  3. For those who were blindfolded, did you completely entrust your walk to your guide?


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