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Team Building Game 3 – Caterpillar Traverse


The activity emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, synergy and goal achievement.

Size of Group

Groups should have a maximum of 10 members.


  • 40-50 feet duct tape
team building

Participants listening to instructions by michaelcardus


  • Place two boundary lines around 10 feet apart from each other.
  • Between the boundary lines, form three squares in a zigzag form. The squares should be less than 1 feet apart from each other and one square should be less than 1 feet apart from the boundary lines.
  • The group should assemble themselves behind one of the boundary lines.
  • Have the group fall in one vertical line. Connect the ankles of each member by placing a duct tape. Be sure that you do not tape skin because it is painful.
  • The groups should travel as a unit from Point A to Point B with their ankles taped passing by the zigzag squares.
caterpillar traverse

A team doing the caterpillar traverse by IATFconnect

Guide Questions for Processing

  1. Point A serves as your organization’s current situation. ¬†What areas in your current situation are you willing to leave behind?
  2. Just like the squares that you need to pass through before reaching Point B, what obstacles do you need to go through to reach your desired destination?
  3. What is your organization’s Point B? Where do you want the team to go?

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