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Great Team Building Ideas for Prizes

One of the most common ways to motivate a person to perform a certain task is the introduction of prizes. While the giving of prizes is not an end in itself, it’s a way of rewarding the person of what he has accomplished or simply to motivate him to do well in the activity. In team building games, the learning that participants will learn is already a reward in itself however it is good that once in a while you reward the winning teams with prizes.

The prizes need not be expensive, after all, the games are done to improve teamwork and not to collect expensive items. Some of the cool prizes that you can give to team building game winners could be one of the following.

Leatherman multi-tool
Leatherman multi-tool by


This is a wonderful prize that facilitators can give to the winning teams. This can be a motivational pin, a souvenir item, a key chain, a decorative substance or anything that will remind the wining participants how they got the item. These items can either be custom made or specific in a certain geographic location or just brought from the nearby store. The best memorabilia are those that can’t be found anywhere. The most appreciative winners of this prize would be senior citizens, and corporate employees who then proudly place it in their respective cubes for everyone to see and marvel. Giving away cute yet unique memorabilia can be a great team building prize.

Wine Basket

This is also a cute team building gift that can be a great prize. Depending where this item was bought, the typical wine basket would be a picnic basket with three or four wines placed inside. The package is wrapped either in transparent plastic or unique netting or just tied with a ribbon. Wines can either be a common table wine, a red wine or expensive ones. Senior citizens also will like this prize as long as it is red wine which is good for the heart. This can be good prizes for men participating in team building activities. This is not a good prize to give to children as alcoholic beverages are not appropriate for the children’s age.

Candies and Chocolates

One of the common prizes given during team building games is candies and chocolates. These are very affordable and therefore a practical choice for many facilitators. Candies and chocolates are also packed individually so dividing among the groups will be quick and needs not a lot of effort to do so. Children are the fondest recipients of these prizes but can also be appreciated by the adult participants. Not only will this serve as a reward for a team’s effort but it can also be a way to keep their spirit’s up to continue participating on the succeeding team building games.

Multipurpose tool

Multipurpose tool re unique items that can also be used as prizes for team building games. These tools are not appropriate to give to children because they might hurt themselves with the tools and are not familiar about the functions of these individual tools. This are great prizes to men, women, and even senior citizens. They’ll appreciate multipurpose tools because they can use it in their craft or if not in their everyday tasks. Swiss knife is a popular example of multipurpose tool and would be grad prizes in team building games. These are great team building prizes for men and women as well as for the seniors and LGBT group.

wine basket
a cute wine basket by

Medals and trophies

Very traditional prizes that can also be used as rewards in team building games are medals and trophies. This is a convenient choice for those who organize team building games because there are already medals and trophies available for pickup at many trade shops. Wearing medals and trophies can boost someone’s morale coupled with a little bragging rights. Any participant will want to have medals and therefore not only great prizes for team building game but can also serve as motivation for them to do well in the next team building games. The downside of giving them medals is that after they went home, they can utilize their prizes anymore will just end up staying in the trophy stand.

Computer Gadgets

Since most in the people today have access to computers or know how to operate a computer. There’s no better way to make the participants happy than to give to computer gadgets that they can use. Computer accessories and USB devices could also be classified as computer gadgets. There are a lot of inexpensive computer gadgets that are good prizes. A notebook sticker, a USB card reader, earphones, and many more are some examples for good team building game prizes. These are inexpensive gadgets yet could be used in everyday activities. Kids would surely love cute and brightly colored stickers while adults, men and women alike, but not so anymore to senior citizens.

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